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Adding Documentation

Documentation is essential for open source projects in order to increase usability. Everybody is welcome to contribute documentation to augment clarity and usability!

Documentation Sources

AILibs is documented in two ways:

Java API documentation is automatically generated for each release, so contribution to the Java API documentation is to be done by adding the comments into the respective code files.

The sources for this documentation are in the /docs folder of the AILibs repository; the visible documentation is the version of this folder in the master branch. There is a sub-folder /docs/project in which the documentations for different projects reside. The documentation is written entirely in Markdown and parsed via Jekyll. For details about the technical folder structure refer to the Jekyll documentation.

Locally Testing Documentation

To locally test how your changes to the documentation look like, you can simply run a Jekyll server locally.

Jekyll Setup

On most systems, you will want to install Jekyll via gems:

$ gem update
$ gem install jekyll

Then go to the /docs folder of the cloned repository and run the following

$ bundle install

Running the Server

Once you accomplished the setup, you can simply run Jekyll with the following command:

$ bundle exec jekyll s

By default, the server listens to port 4000, so you can access the documentation in your browser via http://localhost:4000/.